The Training Curriculum

· All training programs are RESULTS based.
· You do not pay by the hour. The training program is very
  simple. You specify your training goals. After evaluating your
  dogs temperament and trainability, you will be offered one flat
  rate to train you and your dog for as long as it may take to
  reach the agreed upon goals. Thus, you pay for the outcome
  and accomplish your training goals.

Obedience Matters offers two venues for training:
Private/In-Home Instruction - This is a very important place to begin. The private aspect of the training is important due to the unique nature of each case. Every dog has its own unique temperament and behavioral issues. There is no "one size fits all method". Private lessons ensure that every client and their dog are given the proper amount of attention.

Group Classes - When three to eight dogs reach a similar level of training, they move from the private to group setting. The group setting better accommodates a number of different scenarios that mimic and surpass the likely amount of obstacles and distraction you will face in everyday life.

Practice Makes Perfect
Your dog cannot be trained to a reliable level by private lessons alone. You must practice. You must be willing to spend at least 15-20 minutes a day practicing the content of each previous lesson. The trainer will meet with you one or two times each week depending on your schedule and progress. Given the peace of mind that comes along with having an obedient, well-mannered dog, in addition to the newly gained freedom your dog will enjoy, your practice time will be a worthy investment.