Client Testimonials

"Ryan has been great with our two boys, Murphy and Paco. Both of these guys came from shelters, and neither had ever had much in the way of training or socialization. Paco had always been very aggressive toward other dogs, and totally unresponsive to our commands. Murphy was very stubborn and used to getting his way. Within the first hour, Ryan had both dogs totally under control and showed us specific, easy, and useful methods to improve their behavior. He even had Paco greeting other dogs, on the very first day of training. We were amazed! We still have a lot of work to do, but following Ryan's methods, we have two great dogs well on their way to obedience. Ryan is great with owners, too. He is patient, professional, and creative, and an absolute pleasure to work with. We couldn't recommend him more highly."

-Dana Moss and William Picard

"have had Dobermans for over 30 years. I now have 2: mother and son. The boy became dog aggressive after being attacked at 6 months of age by 2 Yorkies - would you believe! He became un-manageable on leash. He went for any dog passing by. I had several incidents of paying vetrinary bills for injuries he had caused. I was working with a trainer from the time he was born. He eventually gave up and decided these dogs were essentially hopeless. He recommended that I only walk them in areas where I was sure I wouldn't encounter other dogs. Three trainers later - the bottom line was --- "get rid of him" These are trainers I have known for years -all reputable. Then I received a call from a owner of one of my pups. She referred me to Ryan. He saved our lives. He worked in depth in obedience with my dogs and I had much home work to do. He promised that I would be able to walk my 2 dogs together- He was right! My neighbors are amazed and very pleased when I walk past them. My girl is 74 lbs and my boy is 92 lbs. I'm 5 feet 120 lbs. Have trust. Ryan will do the job for you."

-Gloria Rosenthal

"We adopted a two year old Old English Sheepdog and a German Shorthair Pointer from their respective rescues on the same day. We put them together and although they got along great with each other, they shared one common bond. They both believed that they were running the show and were thoroughly disobedient to my husband and I. Having owned dogs all our lives from puppies, we had very little idea on how to turn around grown dogs. They were one and two years old with a lot of energy. We realized that we didn't have the skills to control these dogs. We were referred to Ryan by a client of one of my husband's employees. The results were amazing. Ryan evaluated them, one by one, and week by week he worked with each dog on according to their own particular temperaments. The progress was very encouraging for us. The dogs gave us back the alfa role that we subconsciously had relinquished to them. Ryan worked with them for as long as we and the dogs needed, until we had control back. Everybody who had observed these dogs before and after were amazed at the difference in their behavior and manageability. We were educated in a way that will serve all future rescues we will adopt."

-Bob and Jess Krupski

"When I first met Ryan I was working with another trainer (paying a ridiculous amount of money per hour) to help me train my dominant and sometimes fear aggressive pit mix, Nola. Nola is a super sweet and affectionate dog, but her instability with other dogs really worried me, especially with her being a pit and already having that reputation. I was determined to help her overcome her issues and really be a good representation of her breed."

"My previous trainer had been using treats and affection as rewards, and after about 3 months Nola could sit and lay down on command in the house, but once we went outside or saw another dog, all training went out the window. I have to admit, I was definitely very skeptical of Ryan's methods at first. Working and volunteering in animal rescue, I really wasn't sure how I felt about the prong and E collars; but after he explained his full training method and reasoning behind it (and after he made me shock myself to see that it really didn't hurt) I decided to give it a try. During the first session he had Nola outside, walking around the neighborhood and learning commands, even in the presence of other dogs. She immediately responded to his methods which completely surprised me."

"Ryan has been working with Nola for about 3 months now and she is a totally different dog. She walks well on the leash, knows all of her commands no matter where we are, but most importantly she is learning how to interact appropriately with other dogs. I can even sit outside at a restaurant and have dinner and she will ignore passing dogs! I have also learned how to handle her and am more confident in my ability to control her, which in turn increases her respect and confidence in me. I learned how to properly introduce her to other dogs and she is much calmer and can even play with most dogs. Nola is still working on some off-leash training and her progress has been amazing. We are both very happy with her improvement!"

-Christie Tedeschi