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What is the difference between on-leash and off-leash training?

Depending on the situations and activities you hope to engage in with your dog, you may need more or less control. There are certainly some owners and their dogs that would most aptly benefit from a basic on-leash obedience program. It is in my experience, however, that the vast majority of dog owners and dogs alike would be far happier with the results that come from our total off-leash course. The ability to run free and explore is a great way to get your dog the physical and mental exercise they require. We all know how beneficial exercise is to our own overall health and well being. It is certainly no different for dogs. It is remarkable how many behavioral issues are direct results of a lack of exercise. Destructive chewing and digging, separation anxiety, hyperactivity and a host of serious health problems are all very much the result of humans not permitting their dogs to live as nature intended. For thousands of years, dogs have been pack animals that are constantly on the go, searching and hunting for food. If they were not busy with this activity, they were probably procreating, sleeping or engaging in the occasional play session. Now, in the smallest period of time, they have been thrust into the totally unnatural and confining environment of the modern human world. Not only are they kept in these small, box-shaped rooms for the majority of their day, they are lucky if they are outside and merely walking in excess of 30 minutes a day. Off-leash training gives you the ability to take your dog to any park, open field, lake, beach, or forest and allow him or her to run free. It takes a bit more work, but having a dog that is reliably obedient both on and off the leash is not reserved only for the border collies of the world. It can be achieved by any dog, at any age.

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