About Obedience Matters

Obedience Matters offers the very finest in-home and group dog training services available on the Main Line as well as in Philadelphia and its surrounding areas. After training with us, we know you will be thrilled and amazed at the newly found peace of mind and sense of joy that accompanies having a reliably obedient and well mannered dog. Equally important, your dog will be happier than ever with his or her newly found freedom.

About Obedience Matters’ Founder, Ryan Herbst
Ryan began training dogs at age 14. After receiving his degree from Villanova University, he decided to combine his newly acquired entrepreneurial education with his love for dogs and his natural aptitude for teaching. He has trained with and studied the theories and principles of some of the world’s top competitive trainers and behavioral scientists. He has been highly influenced by world-renowned trainers and breeders Ivan Balabanov and Dr. Helmut Raiser.

Ryan dislikes the idea of method for it implies an overly simplistic and rigid analysis of animal behavior. As a result, he has developed a way of training that is highly adaptable and sensitive to the individual dispositions and behavioral issues of each dog.